Augur Founder Starts Ethereum-based Religion

Augur Founder, Matt Liston, is creating his own religion which will be recorded on the blockchain. Liston became a popular cryp...
June 3, 2018

Fintech Company Taylor Hacked, $1.5 Million in Ether Stolen

Taylor, a new fintech company out of Brazil, launched an ICO recently to raise funds for their concept of a smart trading assis...
May 27, 2018

Amber Baldet Unveils Latest Project

Amber Baldet, former JPMorgan blockchain lead unveiled her new startup project, Clovyr, at the Consensus conference in New York...
May 20, 2018

Microsoft Announces Plan to Ban Crypto-Ads

Microsoft’s search engine Bing has joined the ranks of Facebook, Twitter, and Google in their decision to ban crypto-related ad...
May 16, 2018

CME Group Moving Forward with Research into Ethereum Futures

The CME Group, one of the largest derivatives exchanges and one of the first to offer bitcoin futures as a trading option, has ...
May 14, 2018

Ethereum Breaks $700 as Market Rebounds

The cryptocurrency market has started to recover from the last dip brought on by fear and intense panic selling in South Korean...
May 13, 2018

Cryptocurrency Exchanges Halt ERC20 Token Trading Due To BatchOverFlow Bug

A new bug wandering around the blockchain is creating trillions of Ethereum smart contracts and is affecting ERC20 tokens and c...
April 27, 2018

Will Ethereum Be Considered As A Security By The SEC?

The blockchain frenzy has attracted a lot of attention from investors and regulators alike in the past years. Just as with the ...
April 23, 2018

Chile to use Ethereum Blockchain to Track Energy Data in New Initiative

Announced Thursday, Chile will be using Ethereum’s Blockchain to help the government track energy data and help more effectivel...
April 10, 2018

Top 5 ERC20 Tokens That Use The Ethereum Network

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to revolutionize the financial world in 2009. Then came Ethereum who took the cryptographi...
April 5, 2018
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