Crypto Trading 101: Stochastic Oscillators and Price Momentum

Article via CoinDesk You may have heard of a lagging or leading indicator before. Maybe your friends have tossed around terms l...
July 22, 2018

Bitcoin Bounces Back in the Wake of Another Bithumb Hack

Wednesday saw another $30 million worth of digital currency stolen from the exchange Bithumb, causing another dip in the market...
June 21, 2018

SEC Rules: Cryptocurrencies are not Securities

One of the most difficult things to explain to people who are unfamiliar with the cryptocurrency market is defining what exactl...
June 15, 2018

Bitcoin Price Continues to Drop, Fear of Market Manipulation Grows

Bitcoin has continued taking losses over the past week and has now edged closer to breaking below the $6,000 mark. A price that...
June 14, 2018

Japanese Bank Launches First Bank-Owned Crypto Exchange

It was announced today that the Japanese bank SBI has launched the first bank-owned cryptocurrency exchange through the use of ...
June 6, 2018

Coinbase is Expanding Operations to Japan

Coinbase, the largest US cryptocurrency exchange, headquartered in California, is expanding its operations to Japanese markets....
June 5, 2018

Bitcoin Still Below $8,000 as Market Gains $10 Billion

With the market rather stagnant for the past week, many experts expected the price of bitcoin to drop back below its current le...
June 3, 2018

Singapore Exchange Huobi Launches Cryptocurrency ETF

Sinagapore-based cryptocurrency exchange Huobi has launched a cryptocurrency exchange-traded fund (ETF), allowing investors to ...
June 3, 2018

Crypto Hedge Fund Founder Says “It’s a good time to buy”

Like any market you might want to invest your money in, the prime time to purchase any asset or exchange fiat into cryptocurren...
June 1, 2018

Is Crypto-Trading Addictive? Scottish Hospital Launches Inquiry

The term “addiction” and its true meaning have become rather murky in recent years as we learn more about how addictions are fo...
May 30, 2018
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