Australia Seeks to Formalize Cryptocurrency Laws

In a move that is meant to bring the world of cryptocurrency further into the spotlight, the Australian government has released...
August 23, 2017

Latest Terror Attacks Raise Questions of Anonymity for Bitcoin

With past attacks carried out by the Islamic State in Paris and Brussels, as well as in Barcelona just last week, the legislati...
August 21, 2017

WikiLeaks to Accept Altcoin ZCash for Donations

WikiLeaks has made a name for itself as being the most well-known whistleblower organization, releasing leaked documents, conve...
August 20, 2017

UNICEF to Employ Ethereum-Based Smart Contracts

The United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) has just announced that they will be using smart contract t...
August 19, 2017

Japanese Department Store Chain Now Accepts Bitcoin

Japan has been perhaps the most welcoming country when it comes to cryptocurrencies and other Blockchain based technology. The ...
August 13, 2017

Bitcoin’s Demand Based Value, The End of Fiat

Most people, when they think of Bitcoin imagine the strange and difficult to grasp concept of virtual “tokens” being traded onl...
August 12, 2017

Russian Airline Launches New Blockchain Based Ticket System

The nation’s largest domestic airline, S7 has just announced that their entire payment and ticketing system has been overhauled...
August 6, 2017

Bitcoin and Other Decentralized Currencies Could Provide Banking Solutions for the Developing World

There are serious perks to using a currency that has no central authority presiding over it. No need to worry about regime chan...
July 30, 2017

Japan Becomes Leader in Crypto Insurance for Merchants and Customers

As more people begin using Bitcoin and other virtual currencies in everyday life instead of solely in the financial sector, bus...
July 23, 2017

Lawmakers Seek New Regulations, Citing Possible Terrorist Use of Virtual Currency

The issue of digital currency’s legitimacy as a decentralized currency has been called into question by some lawmakers, stating...
July 22, 2017
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