Japanese Bitcoin Miners Turn To Solar Energy To Reduce Costs

Mining a Bitcoin in Japan can come to a hefty price. Aside from the machinery, electricity is the biggest expense for miners in...
March 11, 2018

Almost 50K Websites Are Infected With Crypto Mining Malware

A recent report from, an organization that researches malware, network abuse, and other cybersecurity-related to...
March 11, 2018

Winklevoss Twins Gemini; To Accept More Digital Assets

After their lawsuit with Mark Zuckerberg that earned Harvard graduates Winklevoss twins $65 Million, the twins have made some u...
March 10, 2018

600 Bitcoin Mining Rigs Stolen From Mining Company in Iceland

The Associated Press recently reported that 600 bitcoin mining rigs have been stolen from Icelandic server company Advania. 600...
March 5, 2018

Malware Mining XRM Could Hijack IoT Devices, Silence from Monero Development Team

Monero has been making the news in recent months after hackers started using NSA developed malware to plant mining programs on ...
March 2, 2018

New Crypto Futures May Be in the Pipeline for Cboe

The introduction of Bitcoin futures by Cboe Global Markets Inc. in December definitely added some legitimacy to the digital ass...
March 1, 2018

Litecoin Cash Fork Goes Unnoticed, No Active Exchange Trading

The fork of the Litecoin network a few days ago was activated with little pomp and circumstance. Actually, few people even knew...
February 26, 2018

Ethereum Classic: Callisto Airdrop

Ethereum Classic (ETC) has seen a recent surge in price over the past few days as a 1:1 airdrop approaches. The airdrop will gi...
February 20, 2018

Why Iceland is a Prime Mining Location.

Most of us have once asked the question, or have been asked, what does it mean to “Mine” cryptocurrencies? How can one mine som...
February 20, 2018

GPU Prices Skyrocket, Causing Unforeseen Consequences

Astronomer Aaron Parsons, from UC Berkley is one of the many scientists doing research with large radio telescopes that scan th...
February 18, 2018
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