CEO of Tech Start-Up, Circle: “All Fiat Currency will be Crypto”

Since its inception, the goal of cryptocurrency has been to supplant fiat currency not just on a local or national level, but o...
June 19, 2018

Agnes Water Uses Crypto To Boost Tourism

Beach town Agnes Water, Australia, is denominating itself as the country’s first ‘digital currency town’ as p...
June 5, 2018

Mastercard Awarded Patent For Blockchain Coupon Verification System

Payment processing giant Mastercard was recently granted a patent for a blockchain-based system that authenticates coupons duri...
June 2, 2018

IMF Official Thinks Crypto Competes With Central Bank Money

Dong He, a deputy director for the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) Monetary and Capital Markets Department, recently publis...
June 1, 2018

Venezuela Offers India a 30% Discount on Oil if Purchase is Made with Petro

Venezuela’s government-backed cryptocurrency, the Petro, has been quite the storyline since its launch earlier this year. The f...
May 25, 2018

Ripple’s Cutting-Edge Technologies for Cross-Border Payments Aim To Replace Standard “SWIFT” Transfers

Making cross-border payments can many times be frustrating, and quite time consuming. High fees, and too many intermediaries ar...
May 24, 2018

Colorado Planning to Allow Bitcoin and Crypto Donations for Political Campaigns

Cryptocurrency has always been a quasi-political instrument; whose fundamental design and purpose is to disrupt centralized con...
May 20, 2018

Seminole County To Accept Crypto For Tax Payments

Joel M. Greenberg, the Seminole County, Florida, tax collector, made an announcement on May 14 that the county will start accep...
May 15, 2018

CheapAir Ceases Doing Business with Coinbase, Will Move On to Bitpay

One of the world’s most popular travel agencies,, announced that it will cease doing business with leading cryptoc...
April 25, 2018

Reddit Stops Accepting Bitcoin as Method of Payment

Reddit has decided to discontinue accepting payments for their premium memberships in Bitcoin. Reddit is one of the most, if no...
March 29, 2018
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