United States DOJ Investigates Crypto Price Manipulation

The United States Department of Justice has announced that the agency has opened a criminal investigating into cryptocurrency p...
May 25, 2018

Venezuela Offers India a 30% Discount on Oil if Purchase is Made with Petro

Venezuela’s government-backed cryptocurrency, the Petro, has been quite the storyline since its launch earlier this year. The f...

CFTC Provides New Cryptocurrency Derivatives Guidance

New guidance for companies offering cryptocurrency derivatives, namely exchanges and clearinghouses, has been released by the U...
May 24, 2018

Ohio Introduces Bill to Make Smart Contracts and Blockchain Tech Valid

The state of Ohio has introduced a bill embracing blockchain technology, along with smart contracts to record information kept ...
May 23, 2018

Austrailia Releases Report Claiming over $2 Million in Crypto Fraud

With crypto fraud always a present concern for potential investors, Australia has released a report claiming over $2 Million in...

Coinbase to Apply for Banking License, Sources Say

The cryptocurrency exchange and brokerage platform, Coinbase, has decided to move forward with their plan to become fully licen...
May 19, 2018

Zimbabwe Bans Banks From Processing Cryptocurrency Transactions

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBC), the country’s central bank, has announced its plan to ban all financial institutions in the...
May 14, 2018

Supreme Court Denies Interim Injunction Against Reserve Bank Of India

An interim injunction against the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has been denied by the Supreme Court of India for banning banking...
May 13, 2018

South Korea Set To Loosen Crypto Regulations

The newly elected head of Korea’s primary financial regulator has confirmed that financial authorities will look to ease regula...
May 8, 2018

Ripple Under Lawsuit By Investor Alleging “XRP Is A Security”

An investor has filed a class action lawsuit against distributed ledger startup Ripple alleging that the company has not compli...
May 6, 2018
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