Crypto Market Still in Decline Unable to Sustain $8,000

The first half of 2018 has not been kind to the cryptocurrency market. After attempting to ride the high of Bitcoin’s meteoric ...
May 26, 2018

‘Currency’ or ‘Cyber-Token’? South African Officials say the Latter

It has been a debated topic for some time now: is cryptocurrency an actual currency, like the name suggests, or is it merely a ...
May 25, 2018

Coinbase Rebrands GDAX

Cryptocurrency Exchange Coinbase has purchased Ethereum startup company Paradex in a deal that will lead to the exchange’s rebr...
May 24, 2018

Tom Lee Still Predicts $25,000 by End of Year Despite Market Slip

Bitcoin, and indeed the entire cryptocurrency market took another sharp dive yesterday, dropping well below $8,000 to sit aroun...
May 24, 2018

Coinbase Userbase Grows To Nearly The Size Of Fidelity Investments

Cryptocurrency exchange giant, Coinbase, has seen massive growth in its user base over the past year and now currently manages ...
May 23, 2018

Bears Trigger Bitcoin Price Drop to Below $8,000, Institutional Investors Still Undeterred

Over the past five months into 2018, many people expected there to be another huge spike in the price of bitcoin and other cryp...
May 23, 2018

Coincheck Delists Privacy Coins Following Hack

Japanese cryptocurrency exchange, Coincheck, has announced that the platform will be delisting three privacy cryptocurrency coi...
May 21, 2018

Bitcoin Still Hovers at $8,400 After Another Off Week

The cryptocurrency market seems to be going through one of its patterns where investments are being shifted from the top coins ...
May 21, 2018

Coinbase to Apply for Banking License, Sources Say

The cryptocurrency exchange and brokerage platform, Coinbase, has decided to move forward with their plan to become fully licen...
May 19, 2018

Goldman Sachs Launches Cryptocurrency Pegged to USD

It is unsurprising that the cryptocurrency market, with its seemingly limitless potential, has attracted the attention of major...
May 17, 2018
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