In order for the blockchain to gain mass adoption, early adopters need to work on educating the rest of the population about the potential it contains. Meet Blockchain at  Berkeley. With origins from UC Berkeley, the University is known for its innovative and progressive way of educating its students, launched its Blockchain Research Lab two years ago. Now they have over 100 members and are looking to expand their initiative. The city of Berkeley is well established in the blockchain world, considered a  cryptocurrency friendly city and even having a  rumored city wide ICO.

Blockchain at Berkeley mainly offers consulting services to companies interested in implementing blockchain technologies, but they also host two DeCals each semester where fellow students can learn the fundamentals of blockchain.

Classes range from the fundamentals of blockchain to a more developers standpoint. Spring courses have started already.

Lead by blockchain entrepreneurs Ronen Kirsh and Anthony DiPrinzio; they started a student-run organization on campus to teach fellow students about this revolutionary technology. They started serving the greater Bay area in California and now they are looking to expand to other colleges such as Harvard, Yale, Yeshiva University, nationally and worldwide.

They host workshops, consult different companies, do research and education all blockchain concentrated. All their courses are open to the public, and you can learn at your own pace.

Local partnerships include NEO,  Loopring, and EchoLink. The research lab has partnered with Loopring, a company that is developing a protocol to improve cryptocurrency transactions, after having previously worked together on a project regarding smart contract auditing. EchoLink also gave the Blockchain Lab the campus’s first-ever bitcoin donation last fall, worth more than $50,000.

For their worldwide expansion, it is rumored that LATAM Blockchain Group is working on creating Spanish content for the Latin American community starting with the fundamentals of blockchain course. Lumit seeks to expand the educational courses in Mexico.

As the blockchain evolves, we will start seeing more initiatives as this one to get to attract more and more interested people.









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